Schooling Choices…Our Story

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Schooling Choices…Our Story

Choices. Many are clear cut, such as: Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate? Hands down, it is chocolate every time.

Others begin to blur together.  Do you want eggs or sausage? “Well,  actually I want an omelet with a little of both and some spinach thrown in the mix.”

Educating our children has become this way too.  I am here to say, no matter which side you find yourself on, you can find great joy in celebrating the success of your child. We have been a little like that omelet. A combination of many educational philosophies and techniques.

Schooling is as broad as the Grand Canyon and can often be just as divisive, but it doesn’t need to be. No matter which side of the coin you are on, you have probably heard comments like “What do you do with your kids ALL day?” or “How are you going to prepare them for the REAL world?”. Well, as someone who didn’t grow up homeschooling or plan to before we were blessed with children, I think I have a pretty good perspective from both sides. Whether we homeschool, public school, or charter school, we are all investing in our children. I have many wonderful friends all along the educational continuum.

Most Parents Want the Best

Educational researcher, Kathleen Bowers, has really dove into the subject of all the schooling choices. She hits the nail on the head that regardless of your educational choice, “our goal is well-educated, informed, and prepared people”. This is a common ground. A firm place to stand.


So perhaps you can identify with some elements of our educational omelet. We have eSchooled and used our own personally create curriculum at various times with various children. By the way, I have four. And they are all DIFFERENT with a capital D! That’s the topic of anther post, though. We have used Charlotte Mason methods, classical methods, textbook methods, literature based methods, project based methods, and everything in between. I like to think of our school as a ‘test kitchen’ in a good way. Through these experiments we have learned much about our personal learning styles, my teaching styles, and our own interests. There is an ebb and flow to schooling and your child’s learning.


With all these experiences, though, there is one common theme. I want the best for my children. Each one of them. One year that may look totally different from the next.


As I seek what is best, I note what works and record their successes along the way.

Their achievements. Their hard work. Their progress. Their learning.

All of this is the sum total of who they are becoming and what we have focused on so diligently.

Celebrate Learning with a Portfolio 

 I want to celebrate their success and use those prior experiences to motivate them for today’s learning.

How do I do this? Simple. I keep a portfolio and thus a beautiful story of each child.

colorful progress with arrows up LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 2 300x135 Schooling Choices...Our Story

LearningKeeper makes the Portfolio Easy is the gift of that dream to you. I want you to celebrate each child and who they are becoming. Let them savor their hard work and celebrate what they have done.


Life, and education are both a journey. Let be the map of that journey to show you where you have been and point you to where you are going!

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