LearningKeeper and Special Needs Record Keeping

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LearningKeeper, Record Keeping, and Special Needs

This weekend I had the privilege of chatting with an amazing homeschool mom about special needs record keeping. This mom is like you, she has a house full of kids that she loves dearly. Her children are really not so different from mine and yours. Each has a different personality and learning style. Each has unique interests. Each was uniquely made for a unique purpose in life.

The same, yet different. What a beautiful world.

When it comes to record keeping and special needs, this friend of mine was feeling discouraged.

Learning Diversity and Record Keeping

Our conversation was regarding assessment and how portfolios help record all of the awesome things we do during the year as a family. Portfolios are the record keeping story of your child’s journey. This mom has sharing with me how her heart was burdened for one of her daughters in particular that has a variety of learning challenges. Many of the learning activities they do are hands on, real life learning situations.

Record keeping has been a challenge.help is here LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 292x300 LearningKeeper and Special Needs Record Keeping

Dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Downs Syndrome, Dyscalculia, Sensory Integrative Disorder, Asperger…. Unfortunately there are too many to list, so I will stop trying.

Like many families with special needs, the teachable moments and learning opportunities might be considered non-traditional. There may not always be a worksheet or chapter test. The progress may be slow or things that are automatic for some students are a major achievement for your student. The reality is, you may be working on the same skill for months. If you child is VERY interested in one topic, he may go REALLY deeply into that one topic. That is ok! I’ll say it again, that is OK!

In the past, she has found these hard to document, track, and record since there really is no paper trail. The year end review for this family has, at times, been more of a frustration than a celebration of all they have actually done.

LearningKeeper is your Partner in Special Needs Record Keeping

The premise of LearningKeeper is to document learning when and where it happens. That may mean you find math in the context of measuring during a sewing project. Have you ever considered the tessellations found in cutting out quilt pieces? If your social studies/ economics is in the context of practicing the flow of goods and services on your farm, then LearningKeeper can help you document that.

With many special needs students, writing is a challenge. While you will always be working toward developing writing skills, you don’t have to drive yourself (and everyone else) batty with lengthy writing just to develop a paper trail. Consider using video to record your student giving a presentation on their learning or use interviewing to help them talk through a concept. Remember, assessment is anything you use to measure and evaluate learning.

Don’t measure your special needs student with the same ruler as everyone else. That is like measuring sand on the beach with a one cup scoop just because that is what everyone else is doing. If you need to measure with a 5 gallon bucket, go for it! If you need to measure with a teaspoon, then do it!

The days of documenting and assessing your special needs student in the same modes as traditional students is long gone. LearningKeeper is here to help you all along the way. Move from frustration to freedom as a teacher and student. Learning and development are all around you. Join other families across the nation, and my friend, who have decided to be a Keeper with LearningKeeper.

What if I don’t have to document?

You may not have to, but you are really missing out if you don’t. This is why.