Homeschool State Law and Portfolios

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Homeschool State Law and Portfolios

So when you decide to homeschool it is kind of like getting married. There is some energy as you think about homeschooling, the point that you commit, and then suddenly the realization that this involves real work! The first step to success is to understand homeschool state law and how portfolios are involved.

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When you feel that weight of the reality of it all, you will probably realize there are certain requirements, certain laws, and certain things that must be done to afford you this freedom to educate your child. The good news is that many have gone before you, and the state laws (by and large) are easy to deal with. I am not a lawyer but I am very grateful for those who stand on my behalf to preserve this right. The Homeschool Legal Defense Association  is my go-to source for homeschool state law and support.

States require documentation and there is usually some form of due diligence that protects children from the rare situation in which they are not being educated.

How to Keep a Homeschool Portfolio to Meet Homeschool State Law

Many state laws allow for a portfolio of student work to be kept as evidence of what the student has learned each year. This is such a gift to families.

A portfolio need not be stressful or overwhelming. The idea is simply to capture  milestones as they happen.

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A portfolio is like a personal storybook about your child.

It motivates the parents and child alike to look back at growth. They are empowered to look forward.

Why LearningKeeper can Help is the best way to portfolio. Capture photo, video, or audio of your child.

Sometimes this is a test. Perhaps a field trip. Often it is a writing sample.

The format is broad but the power of keeping is deep.

  •  This can be anything from a picture at the fire station as they learn about fire helpers and fire safety to an audio clip of the child reciting the preamble to the Constitution.
  • Perhaps your child was in a theatrical production and you want to include a video clip to demonstrate how he has improved his public speaking.
  • Maybe your child has just reached fluent reading and you want to document this with an audio clip or video.

Your child will be motivated by all he has done. So many of these achievements (as we call them in transcend beyond paper and pencil learning.

It is our deepest desire to help you capture the essence of your child’s learning, both academically and otherwise, through So don’t be bogged down if your state law lists a portfolio as documentation. Celebrate! We are here to help you every step of the way!

There are also many users who are not required by law to keep a portfolio if they public school or their state simply doesn’t require it. Why do they do it? They are smart. Yes, really! I discussed the common goal of success that all parents have in this post. They do it because they have seen how amazing it is to share your child’s story as it unfolds.

To find out specific law for your state, go to Homeschool Legal Defense.

Does your state require portfolio assessment? We are finding that people all over love even if no state mandated portfolio requirement exists. If your state requires a portfolio review, now allows your assessor of choice to see everything your child has learned and done with no printing or last minute preparation. As the parent you alone can grant review permission through the secure login. Spend more time talking and strategizing with your assessor since they can review much of the work ahead of time!