What if Homeschool Record Keeping is Not Required?

You Should Tell Your Friends!

Homeschool Documentation  is Not Evil

The word “documentation” may bring to mind images of a criminal on trial or an attempt to prove your innocence. When you combine these rather threatening situations with schooling your darling children, you may break out in a cold sweat. It need not be that way though.

Even if homeschool record keeping / documentation is not required, here are six reasons why you still should do it:

  1. Organization– So maybe this is obvious but if you are organizationally challenged, like some of my creative friends, being reminded of this won’t hurt! Keeping records, in its simplest form, shows you where you have been and points to where you are (or should be) going.
  2. It is motivating– When you are able to look back at the exciting things your have done, you and your student will be motivated. Little nuggets of learning, over time, create mountains of achievement!
  3. Time Investment– As a parent and teacher, you have invested the most precious thing around- your time- into your child’s education. If it is worth doing, it is worth keeping… in one form or another!
  4. It communicates value– anything you record or keep is something valuable. Think about it: your bank info, your wedding photos, baby pictures. You keep things that are special to you and you want to preserve. What our kids do, create, and learn is valuable. We can communicate that by being a “Keeper” or piling their best work in a box in the basement. Enough said!
  5. “You never know”– Ok, so normally my husband is the pessimist but the reality is, “You never know”. If something should happen to you (heaven forbid)¬†and your child should have to transition to another form of schooling, keeping records will make the transition a whole lot smoother. Laws can change, your situation may change, or you may just need to have proof of what you did. “You never know”.
  6. Learning is a Journey– What is the most important part of a journey? All the small steps that get you to the destination. Keeping records is like being mindful that these small steps are going somewhere big! How much richer is the final destination when you have the steps all along the way to show you how far you have traveled.

Journey saying LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 300x300 What if Homeschool Record Keeping is Not Required?

So if your state does NOT require homeschool record keeping, these are six of many reasons why “Documentation” is not a bad word.

Why would you not want to communicate worth, organization, value, preparation, and please associated with your child’s learning?

Keeping records is really quite easy with LearningKeeper and we are here to encourage you all along the way!