What Should I Include in My Homeschool Portfolio?

LearningKeeper has some great ideas!

Your child’s portfolio is the story of his journey through school. As such, mine and yours will look very different, and that is ok. Many parents struggle with what to actually include in their child’s portfolio. LearningKeeper has some ideas on what to include in a homeschool portfolio that will help your student shine.

In the past, portfolios have been limited to what can fit in a three ring binder. Read: TWO DIMENSIONS. With LearningKeeper, what you should include has just got a whole lot more fun!colorful progress with arrows up LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 300x269 What Should I Include in My Homeschool Portfolio?

The purpose of the portfolio is three fold:

  1. To show growth over time.
  2. To celebrate success.
  3. To assess and direct future learning.

LearningKeeper Takes You Beyond Two Dimensions…

With the LearningKeeper electronic portfolio platform, you can now include anything from photo albums, video, audio, Word or Excel documents, PDFs, and more.  If you went on a field trip to the fire station, you might want to include photos, video, or even and audio file of your child telling all about his trip. If your student has created a multi-media art sculpture, you can capture that masterpiece in real time.

Learning happens over time. As such, we encourage you to capture these learning ‘nuggets’ all along the way. This helps your students see just how big of an accomplishment they have reached.

Learning is not meant to be dry and boring… and your portfolio shouldn’t be either! Unleash your creativity and bring your portfolio to life.

Some Ideas on What to Include in your Homeschool Portfolio:

  • Chapter tests (simply photograph them)
  • List of Books your child has read
  • Recitals
  • Writing Samples- letters, stories, essays, term papers, early writing, journals
  • Spelling tests
  • History or Science Projects
  • Memory work
  • Bible Verses
  • Student self directed projects
  • Thematic learning units
  • Oral summaries
  • Speeches
  • Crafts or other creative visual arts
  • Family trips
  • Field trips
  • Co-op activities
  • Extra curricular activities – sports, 4-H, scouts, church activities
  • A journal of your day to day activities

For paper type assignments simply photograph the page and add it directly to an Achievement in one simple step. You can also scan files in as a JPG or PDF.

The above are more ‘academic’ categories. Your child’s learning goes WAY beyond that though. Look for the deeper developments and ways you can show growth in these areas too:

  • Responsibility
  • Vocational exploration
  • Resourcefulness
  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Money management
  • Sharing
  • Self control

Modes of Capturing Learning… More Homeschool Portfolio Ideas

  • Video (performances, interviews, action/kinesthetic learning, events, speeches, memory work)
  • Photo (trips, paperwork, groups, events)
  • Audio (memory work, interviews, oral summaries, speeches)
  • PDF (scans)
  • URLS (student blogs, web design)

These are just ideas to get you started or encourage you along the way. There is no exhaustive checklist, so enjoy the freedom to make each portfolio your own!


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