Homeschool Portfolios

Creating Homeschool Portfolios

Homeschool portfolios are required by many states for maintaining record keeping with their homeschool requirements. Even when homeschool portfolios are not required by the state, most families choose to keep a record of their children’s learning and progress.

Ditital portflio building LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 300x196 Homeschool Portfolios

Creating a Homeschool Portfolio

“Past learning fuels present learning and the idea with Learning Keeper is that your child’s successes no longer need to be shoved in the back of a closet in file folders or an old box. Learn it, keep it, and be empowered as a teacher and homeschooling family.”

-Alison Haley, Co-Founder of


Digital Homeschool Portfolios

Traditionally, parents have kept file folders, boxes of paperwork, three ring binders and stacks of paper to compile a paper homeschool portfolio. That stack of papers could be organized with tabs a three ring binder, if the parent was particularly organized, and presented to an auditor if the family lived in a state that required homeschool portfolio audits. The time, storage space and clutter involved was often frustrating and only put to use for an audit, as opposed to truly track, motivate and empower student learning.

With modern technology meeting a need to simplify and reduce the paperwork associated with homeschool portfolios, has brought homeschool parents an online solution for homeschool portfolios. Simply, you can learn it, keep it and be empowered through a ditital homeschool portfolio.

  • Homeschool Field Trips – videos, photos, notes, dates and essays about a field trips can be added quickly and easily to the digital homeschool portfolio Learning Log and Achievements sections.
  • Recitals and Music Learning – if your family participates in a recital or other music learning activity, a video of your child’s performance, along with photos, dates and notes can be added to the digital homeschool portfolio Learning Log and Achievements sections.
  • Homeschool Tests, Homework and Papers – scanned or photographed copies of your child’s homework, tests and papers can be cataloged in the digital homeschool portfolio Learning Log and Achievements along with grades, notes and dates.
  • Homeschool Reading Logs – keep comprehensive records of your student’s reading, along with book reports, notes, dates and author information through the digital homeschool portfolio Reading Log.

Traditional Binder Homeschool Portfolios

old paper files in stacks you cant access LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 196x300 Homeschool Portfolios

Messy stack of file folders – typical of traditional paper homeschool portfolios.

An online search can offer many tips, tricks, guides and resources for traditional homeschool portfolios using binders and file folders. These are great options for parents starting out on a tight budget. With time, most parents grow frustrated with the time consuming process of sorting through clutter and shoving boxes in the back of a closet to maintain a homeschool portfolio. This works, and has worked for many years, but if you’re looking for an alternative to paper homeschool portfolios, we believe has brought a much needed digital homeschool portfolio to the market at a great value.