Homeschool Organization… Not Your Typical Approach

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Organizing Your Homeschool and Charting Your Course

We won’t discuss labeling, bins, and sorting. We won’t even bring up the status of your garage or basement. I’m talking here about real life, busy mom homeschool organization. In all honesty, I don’t have time to be disorganized and here is why.

It’s a new year, but if you generally follow a traditional schooling schedule like us you are half way through another school year. So how has it gone? This time of year many moms do a ‘reboot’ and start fresh after winter break. This means looking both back and forward at the same time. You have a matter of months left this school year, so what would you like to accomplish and how will you get it all done? Jamie of The Unlikely Homeschool said it best, “I never want to be tied down to a sinking ship.”

Make. It. Count.

Why get organized? You get one, and only one shot at your years with your kids at home. This blog is here to support you in making it more meaningful and less stressful. Won’t you join me in this three post series on homeschool organization so you can accomplish bigger and better things with your kids this year?

The Love/Hate Relationship with Paper

The #1 nemesis in my homeschool is paper… I have a love hate relationship with it really. There’s nothing like a finger paint masterpiece or a beautiful piece of handwriting, but what do you with it all? Multiple kids, many years of school, and a sentimental tie to each beautiful creation.img0011 300x231 Homeschool Organization... Not Your Typical Approach

If you look around, are you likely plagued with piles of:

  • sweet kid creations like: artwork, worksheets/workbooks, writing samples, and projects
  • stuff you ‘might need’ to document learning
  • personal papers like mail and bills
  • books, Books, and MORE BOOKS!

Paper is great but if you don’t rule it, it will rule you! Clutter and chaos are best friends.

It drowns you physically and mentally and is keeping you and your kids from being your best.

Win the Battle

Homeschool paper clutter can be managed, easily. How? Your portfolio. Yes. That dry, boring, often meaningless pile (or binder if you are on top of things) can be the hub of your success. Homeschool organization that goes with and isn’t limited to two dimensions.

Solution: The Portfolio Power

You and your kids are setting out to do some really exciting and memorable things in the coming months.

  • Do you stress about homeschool record keeping? Red File Folder On Smartphone LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 300x300 Homeschool Organization... Not Your Typical Approach
  • How do you determine what to keep, and what to pitch?
  • What about the year-end review that your state may require?

Maybe you can’t decide so you pile it up or shove it in a box and let it weigh you down. “I can’t throw away their work”… It’s a battle of sentimentality mixed with a fear of needing it.

I use my LearningKeeper ePortfolio to solve these problems. I capture learning as it happens and save the stuff that matters without taking up three closets.  My portfolio is a central tool in my homeschool.

From planning and curriculum choices, to assessment and documentation your portfolio should be the heart of it all. Not sure how to do that? Join me in the next post: “Where are we going again?”

Rebooting Resources for Homeschool Organization

Cut personal clutter

Cynthia Ewer at The Organized Home has a step by step process to help you de-clutter and stay that way.

Learning Space and Resources

Homemaking Organized has complied some great inspirational photos of learning spaces to inspire your homeschool organization. Make it your own though and stick to your budget. Look for little areas to improve, rather than trying to change your whole space. As far as organizing curriculum, which if you are like me, could be enough of a collection to merit space in the Smithsonian, join me in the next post “Where are we going anyway?”. We will walk you through making a freeing plan and show you some tools to stick to it.

Paper Management

Paperless homeschool ePortfolios that are mobile friendly for the busy mom from LearningKeeeper. You’ll love this fun video: Easy Homeschool Record Keeping.

Reboot your homeschool along with me. Thrive and go places!


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