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Frequently asked questions:

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is simply an organized collection of your child’s work.

What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is an organized collection of your child’s work that you save electronically.

Why use an ePortfolio?

At Learning Keeper we know your time with your children is priceless and that is why we created a quick and effective way to keep track of your child’s learning. By using our ePortfolio software you will be able to upload and organize those boxes stuffed full of schoolwork, upload photos and videos, celebrate achievements and most importantly watch and enjoy your child’s growth. You can think of our ePortfolio as the modern day filing cabinet without all the mess.

What are the advantages of keeping a portfolio?

A portfolio helps you celebrate your student’s success. Prior learning is a huge way to motivate current learning. An electronic portfolio allows you and your student to quickly and easily look back at all you have done and is also a great way to review a particular concept.

What is authentic assessment and how does my portfolio relate to it?

Authentic assessment is a measure of understanding that takes place in a natural way alongside learning. This form of assessment might include an oral explanation of a concept, a presentation, or even a project based creation that demonstrates a set of learning goals that have been met.

What should I include in my portfolio?

Your portfolio is your own and you are always in the driver’s seat with Learning Keeper. While there is not a finite list of what to include, we encourage you to use anything that shows your child’s progress. This may include photos, writing samples, chapter tests, projects (often including video of the child telling about the project), and of course art work. Many users love our ability to save audio of the child including memory work (such as Bible verses), musical accomplishments, and oral explanations by a child describing what he or she has learned.

Is a homeschool portfolio required?

Many states have a portfolio as one option for the required documentation of learning. We encourage you to consult www.HSLDA.org to verify homeschool law in your state. Whether it is a state law or not, keeping a portfolio can be one of the most powerful tools in a home educating parent’s toolbox. We have seen that both parent and child are empowered by prior learning. Learn It. Keep It. Be Empowered.

My children attend public school. Why do I need a portfolio?
Every child loves to have his or her hard work ‘showcased’ and valued. Keeping your child’s work through Learning Keeper will allow you to celebrate his or her success while helping you manage the take home “paper overload”. Many parents find themselves wondering what to do with it all. By taking a photo of the child’s work or scanning it into Learning Keeper you will have it saved and organized.

Who can see my portfolio?

You are always in the driver’s seat. Your family’s information and work is stored in our state of the art, secure management system. As the parent, you can assign access to the licensed teacher of your choice to review your child’s accomplishments at the end of the year. We encourage you to send the access link to your reviewer prior to meeting so they have the opportunity to fully study your child’s work. Be sure to check www.HSLDA.org for specific requirements in your state.

What about preschool?

We at Learning Keeper believe learning starts at birth. The preschool years, generally considered prior to age 5 or 6, are filled with important learning. From first language to art masterpieces, save all these accomplishments in your preschooler’s own portfolio and watch them grow!

What about high school?

The high school years are vitally important for transition along the continuum toward adult independence. Whether that means preparing for college admission, apprenticeship, or independent endeavors, Learning Keeper is sure to showcase your skills and interests in a way unlike any other. Portfolios can be used to show your level of academic progress as well as the essence of your learning through the inclusion of audio and video. Stand out from the crowd and be empowered by your learning!