Creative ways to Capture Learning With LearningKeeper

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Creative ways to Capture Learning

With LearningKeeper

Here at we love portfolios. We love them so much that we have devoted ourselves to bringing you the best and we love to hear from you! We love to hear your creative ways to capture learning with LearningKeeper.  

Photo, video, audio integration ideas

Using  photo, video, and audio to record this otherwise hard to document learning is the super power of your portfolio and it allows you to show real life learning.

Learning is beyond books and tests, so shouldn’t your portfolio also be?

My time with my children is short. Shorter than I like to think about, really. The longer we homeschool the more I see the blur between family life and homeschool blur. I see learning everywhere, embedded in our everyday life. I want to capture these morsels of learning and use them to motivate my children in other areas.

Here are some great ways you might catch learning at your house:

Interpersonal skills

  • Your student was caught showing extra kindness in play with a sibling or neighbor
  • Your child visits an elderly neighbor and is learning to respect adults so you video them talking
  • You interview your child about qualities of a good friend


  • Your child has mastered a new chore that helps keep the house running smoothly
  • Your child is making choices about how to use his allowance


  • You caught your child reading for fun and record the moment with a quick photo
  • Reading fluency- use audio or video record your child’s reading fluency


  • You capture and audio clip of your child’s new memory verse and let them explain in their own words what it means

Physical Development

  • Your child has learned to swim, ride a bike, or other big accomplishment

Organized Sports

  • Your child is learning sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Your child has learned to throw, catch, hit, or shoot the ball with good form

Cooking and Math

  • Have your child explain measuring cups and fractions they have used while cooking

Field tripsboy exploring LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 300x200 Creative ways to Capture Learning With LearningKeeper

  • Record the photo or video from the trip and attach a writing sample from the trip
  • Video scientific discoveries while hiking or exploring
  • You study statistics and then go to a baseball game where you practice tracking and discussing stats

Public Speaking

  • Your child was in a performance or play and has learned about speaking in front of a crowd

Why Should I Capture Learning with LearningKeeper?

Learning is everywhere. Don’t let ordinary learning pass you by when it can be used to encourage your child. So catch them learning and make it fun!

While not strictly academic, these nuggets of learning are very much the essence of who your child is becoming.

Homeschool documentation and learning progress is something we must always be considering.

Learning is beyond books and tests, so shouldn’t your portfolio also be?

Yes, we think so.

Have other great ideas to share with us? Contact us to share your creative ways to use LearningKeeper.