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Support for LearningKeeper Student Achievement Tracker

In this section we will address:

  • What an Achievement is in LearningKeeper’s homeschool software.
  • How to enter a student Achievement in LearningKeeper.


 What is an Achievement?

An achievement is where you went, what you did, and what your learned. Our signature Achievement feature brings your portfolio to life. Attach photos, videos, scanned (or photographed) paperwork, PDFs, URLs, documents, notes, any anything else you’d like to your child’s Achievements. You have the option to mark objectives that are met by each achievement. An achievement might be a chapter test, a project presentation, a report, or even a learning interview. The possibilities are endless!


 How do I enter an Achievement?

The first step is to login at You can access Achievements through the Gold Star shortcut or through the Black Portfolio button for any child. Once there, click the ‘Achievement Star’ then the blue ‘Add an Achievement’ button in the bottom right hand corner. Give the Achievement a name, select which child (more than one child can be selected) and what subject. Select whether it is complete or not, and add any objectives that you would like to tag. Next, you will name and upload your file by simply clicking Browse to find your picture or video. You can also add a URL. Always click the green plus on the right side. This must be done after each file is added. When you are finished adding files, click the green ‘Add’ button at the bottom and you have successfully added an Achievement. For a helpful video tutorial please click HERE.