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LearningKeeper portfolio software is loaded with features you will love! Choose the ones that are the best fit for your family or use them all for the complete LearningKeeper portfolio experience.


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Our signature Achievement feature brings your portfolio to life. Achievements are your core portfolio entries. Attach photos, videos, scanned (or photographed) paperwork, PDFs, documents, notes, any anything else you’d like to your child’s Achievements. You have the option to mark objectives that are met by each achievement. An achievement might be a chapter test, a project presentation, a report, field trip, or even a learning interview. The possibilities are endless!

A LearningKeeper exclusive is the ability to let your child collect “Badges” that symbolize his accomplishments.

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Think big with the “Achievement” feature to learning that is beyond traditional academic learning to service, religious, sports, music, extracurricular groups, social events, and field trips. Portfolios need not be dry and static.

The integrated media options create a dynamic portfolio experience that will motivate and celebrate your child’s learning.


reading log LearningKeepers ePortfolio FeaturesReading Log-

You and your child can keep track of books read for fun or school in the Reading Log. Even add a photo of the book cover, a book report, project, or even a drawing about your favorite character.


attendance icon LearningKeepers ePortfolio FeaturesAttendance Tracker-

Record when you have done school, sick days, or vacation days for your students in one, easy to use window. Entry can be done for one or more children at a time.


                    Learning Log

learning log icon LearningKeepers ePortfolio FeaturesThis journal is the place to enter what your child has done on a daily or weekly basis. There is an entry block for the subjects you choose to create for your student and can be tailored to your schooling method. These notes will be a section of the student’s portfolio.


Notes fixed LearningKeepers ePortfolio FeaturesNotes-

A flexible notebook for recording thoughts, setting goals, planning, or making general notes.



Grades icon LearningKeepers ePortfolio FeaturesGrade book-

Record grades with the option to link to an Achievement and export a running report at anytime.



Year End Audit-

LearningKeeper allows parents to grant review permission to the auditor of their choice for the year end homeschool review that is required in many states. Auditors may register with LearningKeeper by creating a free profile. A year end review is a great way to get feedback and encouragement on your child’s progress even if your state does not require it by law. The review can help celebrate your successes as a teacher for the year and drive your planning for the coming years.


All these features go together to create your child’s dynamic learning portfolio.

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Be sure to review homeschool law for your state. While LearningKeeper has tried to make accommodations for many of the most common requirements, laws vary by state. If your state requires a feature that is not part of LearningKeeper, please contact us at help@learningkeeper.com. Check out HSLDA.org for more information on requirements for your state.


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