6 Reasons You Need LearningKeeper Homeschool Portfolio Software

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Why Use LearningKeeper Homeschool Portfolio Software?

So, you have children. These are six reasons why you need LearningKeeper homeschool portfolio software by your side.

  • Celebrate Success– When is the last time you and your student looked back at his work from two or three years ago? So, prior to LearningKeeper I celebrated my children’s hard work and success by shoving their folders, binders, and papers in a box and piling said box on top of another box from the prior year. Each year, with each child, you repeat the process. These boxes unfortunately contain each child’s beautiful, unfolding story of learning and adventure and what have I done with them? Shoved them in the back of a closet to collect dust. Noting says mom fail quite like that! It is my intention to convey value and worth to these little lives and celebrate what they are learning and doing academically and otherwise.

LearningKeeper homeschool portfolios has brought to the stage the affordable, easy, and motivating way of creating the chronicle of each child’s “Achievements” that communicates value, accomplishment, and a sense of celebration. Be a ‘Keeper’ and join LearningKeeper.

  • Declutter– There have been times when I have nearly been eaten alive by the paper pile up that my kids create. Some papers are formal school work, others come from church, and still some are their special masterpieces that they make on their own initiative. I wish I could say there is one neat pile in our school frustrated mom in papers LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 300x253 6 Reasons You Need LearningKeeper Homeschool Portfolio Softwareroom. Honesty, however would reveal that at times they have grown up on my kitchen counter, my nightstand, my desk, or any other flat surface in my house. Many of you can relate. Therefore, the age old parental dilemma appears, “What do I do will all this stuff???” Granted there are many pieces that can be trashed that are not student creations, but what about the rest? And yes, this picture conveys my sentiments.

LearningKeeper will allow you to organize, archive, and save these treasures without your needed to build an addition on to your home or rent a storage building. Simply scan or photograph the masterpiece and save it in the appropriate student’s portfolio for future viewing.

  • Student Motivation– we have all gone beside our student as they have tackled some new educational mountain and seen the sigh of doubt (and even tears) that they really cannot do this. My favorite plan of attack is empower my children with their own prior learning. Just this week, my son began a new, highly challenging violin piece. I could sense his intimidation and just happened to show him the video clip of his first violin accomplishment. That first “achievement” that we looked back at was him playing on only one open string, moving his bow back and forth. At the time, that was a big deal. Now two years later, I saw his reaction and own words say “I guess I have learned a lot!” and “That practice really did teach me something!”.  That prior learning was the fuel in his fire that has helped him take this new piece by storm. So much of leaning is like this: writing, reading, math, etc. Today’s “achievements” compound into tomorrow’s great mountain of new success!

LearningKeeper is the best way to organize, store, and use these building blocks to help your student be the best he can be. A mindset of progress and success as a child goes a long way toward forming adult habits of determination, ambition, goal setting, and success. Our parents are equally motivated as they reflect on all they have done with their children!

  • Capture real learning– I will be the first to admit that formal tests do have their place in assessing learning and guiding instruction, but they are not the only way. Authentic assessments are a great way to record harder to document and also deeper understanding of a concept. Consider this: you are studying the Revolutionary War. Which shows a better understanding: a multiple choice test or a video interview and presentation of your student discussing life in this turbulent stage of our great nation. Considerpiano recital girl LearningKeeper Homeschool Online Digital Portfolio Compliance Record Keeping Software 300x200 6 Reasons You Need LearningKeeper Homeschool Portfolio Software also the many things your children do that are not easily recorded in a traditional paper portfolio that could be done greater justice with photo, audio, and video integration: field trips, athletic events, music groups and performances, plays, theater, community service, family trips, and so many more.

LearningKeeper is the way to seamlessly integrate, manage, and compile your child’s unfolding story. Your child is doing great things everyday and here is your chance to capture his success.

  •  Capture Learning on the Go– Most of my proudest moments as a mom and teacher do not happen at a desk in our ‘schoolroom’. Learning, and homeschooling by nature, is dynamic and the longer you do it the more you find that ‘school’ over flows into ‘life’. You find teachable moments on the ball field, science at the dentist’s office, biology while going for a jog, math at the grocery store, and compassion during play at the community park. If my kids are in a play, I want that to be part of their portfolio for the year and I want that go beyond only including a paper and pencil write up to actually include video clips from the event.

LearningKeeper, from its foundation, has been mobile minded. We know learning happens on the go and are constantly working to make capturing that learning even easier!

  •  Homeschool Portfolio Documentation– Homeschooling is an amazing freedom that I do not want to take for granted, especially considering some events that have recently transpired on foreign soil. Given this, there are certain rights and responsibilities of which we as homeschoolers must be mindful. Chiefly, know the law for your state and do what you must to preserve this right. Generally the laws, although they vary, purpose to make sure children are learning. One common and wonderful solution to this purpose is the student portfolio, which is what LearningKeeper does best. Going above and beyond, we include additional features like the reading log and learning log that make your documentation complete and streamline.

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